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  • 1) Is EliteFinFx a Global business opportunity?

  • 2) What is the minimum investment amount and maximum investment amount?

  • 3) How much returns can I expect on a monthly basis for my investment?

  • 4) Is there any lock in period for my principal amount invested?

  • 5) Can I get paid on the team I build even if I don't invest anything?

  • 6) Is there any minimum or maximum withdrawl limit and what is the withdrawl process?

  • 7) How exactly the compensation plan works for the referrals I bring in?

  • 8) Where is the company based at and who are the founders?

  • 9) What will be the modes of payment to fund my account and to withdraw money?

  • 10) Where can I see live traffic statistics of the company and how fast it is growing?

  • 11) What are the conditions to claim Free $20 , $200 and $1000 bonuses

  • 12) If I make investment do I have to trade?

  • 13) What Is MT5?

  • 14) Can I track all my investments on a daily basis?

  • 15) What Is A Leaderboard?

  • 16) Can I Apply To Be Community Manager For EliteFinFX And If So What Will be My Incentive?

  • 17) If i want to invest but don't have bitcoin so what to do?

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