Our Track Record

Elite Finance Forex Limited is a well experienced company in the Forex trading industry has been successful in developing highly effective in-house trading systems and strategies applied in our fund management activities. We have a highly experienced team of fund managers possess excellent market analysis to take very conservative risks to protect capital. The team works tirelessly to ensure strict money management and strategic methods to gain good returns and minimizing losses in tough market conditions.

We maintain good reputation in the industry by delivering consistently dependable fund management services. Delivering the optimum profits is our 1st priority. Our credibility, transparency and honest services as well have been the reasons why our clients are growing rapidly month after month.

Below you will find our CPA Audited performance details, and links too many of the individual strategies our experienced team utilizes on a daily bases to achieve above-average trading returns. The individual trading strategies below are primarily our currency strategies as they allow individual profiling on third-party verification sites. Commodity and other strategies are integrated into our overall performance figures in the CPA Audit.

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Full Performance Since We Started

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
2018 -09.70% 33.10% 37.20% 42.00% 16.50% 02.20% 29.00% 18.00% 43.60% 211.90%
2019 03.22% 18.16% -06.80% 28.90% 23.50% 06.45% -11.87% -19.70% 42.23% 31.30% 08.00% 19.20% 354.49%
2020 09.12% 16.28% 33.12% 38.10% -16.67% 16.00% 25.23% 28.56% 22.32% 19.86% 15.07% -- 561.48%

Trading strategy reports tested live in myfxbook of fund managers

By using multiple trading strategies on all client trading accounts, Elite Finance Forex Limited is allowed a diversified approach that minimizes risk by only allowing the system to allot a specific number of trading lots to each strategy.